Saidi Creative
Saidi Creative

My name is Saidi, I am 3 years experience Graphic Designer especially as Layout Designer. I work for some design agencies as Contributor Designer. I am 100 Top Designer on Postermywall too. You can see my profile there. I like to make all design about flyer template, corporate brand identity and icons. 

I start my journey as designer without designer education background. I just learn it from YouTube and blogs. I am so thankful because I can learn free of charge from internet. I am so happy as I am now, because I can work wherever I am. I can be my boss for myself. 

I wanna share my free design here on my blog, because I wanna share my happiness to others too. I can be like that now because other people who always sharing their knowledge free of charge. Now, it is my turn it back. I wanna share my design free of charge too.

All my design here is my design. I make it from scratch, I design it by myself. So, no worries about licensed. I make it on Libre Writer and Libre Impress because I am Linux User. No worries, you still can use it on your Microsoft word and powerpoint too. I have manage and prepare all files on google docs and slide. so it can be easy for you to edit it.

This Blog (www.saidicreative.com) is a website for sharing free download business flyer template design for all businessman/woman who wanna promote their business with flyer. They can download all flyers here, they are free of charge. You can edit them and use as your marketing flyer template. These flyers are Free Download Flyer Template Design.You can use it for all your marketing idea for your corporate or real estate company. 

I hope all business flyer template free download on word and PowerPoint file here will be useful for you all. I hope they can help to grow your business. Thanks for all your support to me. Cheers.